Fire Detection and Alarm Systems

Numens 621  Analogue  Addressable  Single  input/output  Module

• Single voltage-free relay output • Output relay can be powered internally or externally (selectable at installation) • Single input for connection to dry contact inputs • Monitors and signals three distinct input states: Normal; Alarm; Open-circuit • Separate indicators for Quiescent, Alarm and Fault conditions • Polling indicator shows quiescent operation • DIP switch address setting • 125 usable detector address settings per loop

621  analogue  addressable  single  input/output  modules provide  the  interface  to  connect  an  electrically  isolated dry-contact  switched  input  to  Numens  addressable  fire detection  control  and  indicating  equipment.
A  parallel  resistive  input  filter  allows  multiple  states  to 
be  monitored  at  the  input.  The  states  are  converted  to 
the  loop  communications  protocol  by  the  module,  to 
enable  them  to  be  displayed  on  the  control  and
indicating  equipment.

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