Numens Alarm Devices

Audio/Visual Alarm Device | Alarm  devices

• Visual, audible and audio/visual models available • Red or white body available for audible alarm device • Loop-powered from control and indicating equipment • Operates when a dedicated activation message is received from the control and indicating equipment • Loud sounder output of 85 dB at 1 m • Long-life LEDs • Low quiescent current • DIP switch address setting

The  640  addressable  audio/visual  alarm 
devices  are  suitable  for  connection  to  2-wire 
addressable  fire  detection  and  alarm  systems. 
640  is  loop-powered  and  activation  is  initiated 
by  a  dedicated  initiation  message  from  the 
control  and  indicating  equipment.  Up  to  32 
devices  can  be  connected  to  each  alarm  zone 

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