Numens Alarm Devices

201Propane/Natural Gas Alarm

• Japanese Figaro gas sensor (UL approved) • Detects propane (LPG) gas (CAM/natural gas (CH4) • Loud 85 dB internal alarm sounder • Dual action button for Hush and Test • Separate indicators for Power, Alarm and Service • N/C or N/O alarm relay output models available • Interconnection function available on some models to connect up to 20 units together • AC mains operating models available

201  propane  (LPG)/natural  gas  alarms  are state-of-the-art  inflammable  gas  detectors with  an  internal  sounder.Advanced  electronics  in  conjunction  with  a semiconductor  gas  sensor  provide early detection  of  propane  gas,  with  high  immunity against  unwanted  alarms.Models  are  available  powered  by  AC  mains or  from  a  DC  12/24  V  supply  (such  as  a security  system).

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