Numens Sockets

WiFi Smart Socket

• Connection to the internet via local WiFi network • Smart phone App provides sophisticated control options • Connectable to Amazon Echo and Alexa • Shareable to multiple users • Schedule on/off times • Countdown timer • Configurable device name • Manual control • Suitable for indoor use • Low maintenance

The  102  WiFi  smart  socket  is  a  WiFi  controlled 
 mains  power  outlet.
The  device  connects  to  the  internet  via  the  local 
WiFi  network,  then  features,  including  on/off
function,  are  controlled  through  the  Smart  Life—
Smart  Living  application  installed  on  a  smart
•  phone.
The  102  WiFi  smart  sockets  provide  residential occupants  with  a  Smart  Life  —  Smart  Living solution  that  supports  smart  homes  through  the internet  of  things,  to  control  electrical  devices such  as  fans,  lights,  heaters,  etc.

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