loop Expansion Card | Panel Card

• Two analogue addressable loops • Supports 125 or 250 addressable devices per loop • Supports both Numens SP and TP loop protocols • Easy installation For complete specifications, see datasheet 31-0066

The  6002  loop  expansion  card  provides  two 
additional  analogue  addressable  loops  to  expand 
the  device  capacity  of  the  6002  control  and 
indicating  equipment.  Non-addressable  devices 
can  also  be  connected  to  the  6002  2-loop 
expansion  card,  when  used  with  addressable 
input  modules.
The  6002  2-loop  expansion  card  provides  fire 
detection  and  alarm  system  designers  with  the 
increased  device  capacity  required  for  medium 
and  larger  life  safety  and  property  protection 

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