Zone Indicator Lard | Panel Card

• Displays 32 detection zones • Discrete red LED detection zone indicators for Alarm Condition • Discrete yellow LED detection zone indicators for Fault/Disabled/Test conditions • DIP switch selectable to display additional detection zones 33 — 64, 65 — 96, or 97 — 128 • Easy installation For complete specifications, see datasheet 31-0068.

The  6002  32-zone  indicator  card  provides additional  detection  zone  indicators  for  the  6002 control  and  indicating  equipment.
The  6002  32-zone  indicator  card  can  be 
configured  to  display  Alarm  Conditions  and
Fault/Disabled/Test  conditions  for  96  detection zones,  in  groups  of  32  zones.
The  6002  32-zone  indicator  card  provides  fire 
detection  and  alarm  system  designers  with  the 
increased  discrete  detection  zone  indication  for 
medium  and  larger  life  safety  and  property
protection  applications.

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