Self Rescue System


This 4-hour compressed oxygen closed-circuit SCBA with normal pressure in the breathing circuit is the perfect choice for prolonged rescue operations, maintenance and repair works conducted in an atmosphere immediately dangerous to life and health. A compact and lightweight SCBA with optimal breathing conditions.

TECHNICAL FEATURES in accordance with EN 145:1997+A1:2000, TR CU 019/2011
Weight of fully charged breathing apparatus excluding full face mask, ice, and cooler cover = 11,8 kg
Weight of full face mask = 0,7 kg
Soda lime cartridge capacity = 2,3 kg
Oxygen volume = 400 L
Constant oxygen flow =  1,4 l/min
Emergency oxygen flow = 80 l/min
Useful capacity of breathing bag = 5 L
Dimensions = 450x375x165 mm

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