Tecnofire Detection

Smoke Detector | Tecnofire Detection | Fire Alarm

Linear-type optical smoke detector with point-to-point infrared or UV light. The system can be composed of a receiver and up to 7 transmitters.

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The multi-point configuration increases significantly the detection capacity. Range 6 to 150m depending on the reception angle and the transmission power -
Great configuration flexibility and adaptability to architectural requirements - Sophisticated algorithm of the receiver permits the mapping and control of signals coming
from the transmitters - Easy installation and alignment thanks to a wide reception angle of the receiver and great orientation facilities - Easy setting through dip-switch -
Dynamic compensation of the deterioration of sensitivity due to dust deposits - Good vibration and alignment tolerance - High false alarm immunity FM, UL, VDS, NF, CPD, EN 54-12 - Certifi cation number 0333-CPD-075387

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