Ultrasonic Thickness Gauges

CG100 | Elecometer | ultrasonic guage

The most advanced in the Elcometer NDT range, these easy to use corrosion gauges provide inspectors with all the features necessary to accurately measure the material and coating thickness at the same time.

Range of display & measurement options: Pulse-Echo, Echo-Echo,
Pulse-Echo Temp, Comp Mode (PETP), Coating Only Mode (CT),
Pulse-Echo Coating Mode (PECT)
Manual or automatic gain control (AGC) with adjustable 110dB range
Gate control
Threshold adjustment
64 User defined setups
Multiple language display
Multiple calibration and material selection options
High speed scan mode: 250 readings per second (CG100100Band CG100BDL), 50 readings per second (CG100ABDL and CG100ABDL+)
Differential and minimal thickness alarm modes
Data storage capability: 4GB internal memory
ElcoMaster® data management software

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