FIRE HOSE REEL | Fire fighting equipment

† The automatic fire hose reels will open fully within 3 revolution of the reel. † Integrated automatic stop/manual valve † The nozzle have SHUT, JET and SPRAY control settings. † Roller hose guide allowing the hose to be run out in any direction. † Hose reel with side discs powder coated RAL 3000 red † The reel discs are painted RED with printed user instructions. † Stainless steel/Chrome Plated can be available on request.

WETPLUG fire hose reels provide a very effective fire fighting facility with a continuous supply of water available immediately. The
construction and performance of a fire hose reel with semi-rigid hose ensures suitable installation in buildings and other
construction works for use by the occupants. The fire hose reels are manufactured in both manual and automatic versions
to comply to BS EN 671-1:2012 standard with semi-rigid hose complying with EN 694:2001 standards.

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