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  • Tangit PVC-U Solvent Cement: Ideal for PVC-U pipe and fittings
  • Withstands contact with various fluids, except highly concentrated acids
  • Versatile application: construction, transportation, and uPVC pipes
  • Ensures robust joints and is used for water and gas systems

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Adhesive PVC: Tangit PVC-U Solvent Cement

Tangit is a solvent cement that fills gaps in PVC-U pipe and fittings by forming a chemical bond. Moreover, TANGIT joints are unaffected by nearly all fluids appropriate for PVC-U pipe. However, extended contact to any of the following acid concentrations on the inner joint edge might cause some erosion of the cement bonding.

  • More than 70% Sulfuric acid
  • More than 25% hydrochloric acid
  • Nitric acid levels above 20%
  • Hydrofluoric acid in all concentrations

Products details

  • Adhesives are the primary raw material.
  • Construction, transportation, and uPVC pipes and fittings are examples of applications.
  • Tangit PVC adhesive cement: Tangit PVC pipe cement
  • PVC cement adhesives, Tangit sanitary adhesives
  • Patted glue Germany: PVC cement glue adhesives at high pressure
  • Pipe hose clips: pvc pipe cleaner defense tangent pipe solvent cement: arrow PVC pipe cement
  • Welding on PVC cement pipe with Bostik pipe cement


  • PVC-U pressure pipes, cable and sewage pipes, and gutters are all bonded with this glue.
    U-shaped PVC cement pressure pipe


Tangit has been identified with quality, cost-effectiveness, and ease of application for the past 45 years, producing products for the plumbing sector.
Tangit provides cutting-edge adhesives and cleaners for bonding and mending plastic pipe systems, as well as novel solutions for thread sealing, structural fire protection, and repairing gas and water service lines.

  • 4 minutes of open time
  • Maximum leak protection with excellent gap-bridging capability

intended use

  • For thermoplastic pressure pipe system bonding
  • Made of rigid PVC (potable water, gas) – EN 1452 compliant Suitable for low-pressure (wastewater) pipe systems – conforms to EN 1329For assembly and maintenance operations (for example, on drain pipes)
  • Ideally suited for structural bonding of PVC boards or tiles (for example, drip pans and casings).

Product features

  • Bonding is simple, even for bigger pipes (one person is adequate for pipes up to 80 mm).
  • Handling is simple and tidy.
  • Increased security as a result of superior gap-bridging capacity (low flow value).
  • The bonded joints are as durable as the pipe material (exception: strong acids).
  • DIN EN 14814 and DIN EN 14680 standards are met.
  • Conforms to EN 1329 for water discharge with plastic pipe systems approved by the Karlsruhe/Germany test institution “Technologie-Zentrum Wasser” (TZW). Excellent food compatibility (SGS, Institut Fresenius, test report no. 727685-01/02)

Temperature range
0°C to 60°C.

125 g tubes,
250 g, 500 g and 1 kg tins.

Adhesive PVC  tangit


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