Coveralls | Flame Retardant | Jacket & Trouser

  • Design Elements: Buttoned front, plain cuffs, elasticized waist, brass zipper.
  • Utility Features: Cross pockets with zippers, multiple utility pockets.
  • Durability: Double-stitched seams and pockets ensure resilience.
  • Safety Reflectors: 50mm wide FR reflectors for enhanced visibility.
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    Elevated Safety and Utility: Unveiling Advanced Coveralls

    Redefining Workwear Standards

    Coveralls, a fundamental aspect of workwear, undergo a transformation with these advanced iterations. Designed to transcend basic functionality, these coveralls prioritize safety, durability, and utility.

    Essential Design Features

    • Secure Front Opening: Ensured by buttoned closure, allowing effortless wear and removal, adding convenience to functionality.
    • Comfortable Cuffs: Simple yet effective, plain cuffs ensure a snug fit without compromising comfort during extended wear.
    • Tailored Elasticized Waist: Provides flexibility and a personalized fit, adapting to varying body shapes and movements.
    • Robust Zipper Detail: Employing a durable brass zipper, guaranteeing longevity and functionality in high-intensity work environments.

    Enhanced Utility Integration

    • Strategic Pocket Configuration: Cross pockets at breast level, equipped with secure zippers, offer practical and safe storage.
    • Amplified Storage Solutions: Multiple utility and cargo pockets are strategically placed, accommodating a range of essential tools and equipment.

    Durability Reinforced

    • Sturdy Stitching: Double-stitched pockets and main seams augment durability, ensuring resilience against wear and tear.

    Safety, Visibility, and Reflectors

    • Strategic FR Reflector Placement: 50mm wide flame-retardant (FR) reflectors meticulously placed below the knees, on the arms, and over the shoulders, ensuring enhanced visibility in low-light conditions, crucial for safety adherence.

    Comprehensive Integration for Optimal Performance

    These coveralls are engineered to transcend mere functionality, ensuring an amalgamation of safety features, durability, and utility. The secure closures, ample and strategically positioned pockets, reinforced stitching, and high-visibility FR reflectors epitomize meticulous design catering to both safety standards and utility necessities in demanding work settings.

    Elevating Workwear Expectations

    Incorporating innovative design features, reinforced construction, and safety elements, these coveralls stand as a testament to the evolution of workwear, prioritizing not only functionality but also durability and safety. They redefine conventional work attire, ensuring wearers experience a seamless blend of comfort, safety, and efficiency in their daily tasks.


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