BX6-250B | Portable Welding Machine | Stainless | Powerhouse

  • Model BX6-250B: Ultimate portability for welding tasks on-the-go
  • Efficient 220V voltage and 60Hz frequency for stable performance
  • High-powered 15KVA output with 80% duty cycle for versatile applications
  • Wide current range of 90-250A for flexibility in welding tasks
  • Compatible with electrode diameters ranging from 1.6mm to 4mm
  • Insulation class F and protection class IP21S for enhanced safety
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    Introducing BX6-250B Stainless Portable Welding Machine by Powerhouse: Your Ultimate Welding Companion

    Unlock unparalleled welding versatility and convenience with Powerhouse’s BX6-250B Stainless Portable Welding Machine. Moreover, engineered to be efficient and reliable, making it the perfect solution for all your welding needs. It offers exceptional performance and comes in a compact and portable package.

    Model BX6-250B: Redefining Portability in Welding

    Experience the epitome of portability with Powerhouse’s BX6-250B Portable Stainless Welding Machine. Designed to be compact and lightweight, this welding machine ensures effortless transportation and setup, allowing you to tackle welding tasks with ease wherever you go.

    Efficient Related Voltage and Frequency for Optimal Performance

    Achieve optimal welding performance with the BX6-250B’s efficient related voltage of 220V and rated frequency of 60Hz. This combination ensures stable and consistent power delivery, enabling precise control and exceptional welding results in any environment.

    High-Powered Output for Versatile Welding Applications

    Experience versatility in welding applications with the BX6-250B’s rated max/output of 15KVA and duty cycle of 80%. Whether you’re working on light fabrication or heavy-duty construction, this welding machine delivers reliable and consistent power to meet your welding needs.

    Wide Current Range for Enhanced Flexibility

    Adapt to various welding tasks effortlessly with the BX6-250B’s wide current range of 90-250A. From fine detail work to heavy-duty welding, this welding machine provides the flexibility and control you need to tackle any welding project with confidence.

    Versatile Electrode Diameter Compatibility

    Experience versatility in electrode selection with the BX6-250B’s wide electrode diameter range of 1.6-4mm. Whether you prefer finer electrodes for precision welding or thicker electrodes for robust welds, this welding machine accommodates your preferences with ease.

    Superior Insulation and Protection for Enhanced Safety

    Ensure safety and reliability with the BX6-250B’s insulation class of F and protection class of IP21S. These features provide superior insulation and protection against electrical hazards, ensuring peace of mind during welding operations.

    Invest in Powerhouse’s BX6-250B Portable Stainless Welding Machine and experience the ultimate combination of portability, performance, and reliability in welding. Whether you’re a hobbyist or a professional welder, this portable welding machine empowers you to achieve exceptional welding results anywhere, anytime.




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