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The new Xtratone addressable wall sounder with beacon has been designed to make an “electronics free” first fix and is available in red or white. The beacon has a coverage pattern of W-3.1-9.1 and the sounder part has 16 tones selectable at the control panel.

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    100dB @ 1m sound output
    16 tones** can be selected from control panel Flash rates between 0.33Hz and 1.5Hz
    Hard addressed via 8 way dip-switch OR
    Soft addressed via MKII Handheld Programmer
    Flush or surface fixing
    Housed in UL V0 flame retardant ABS
    4 x 20mm cable entries (2 top, 2 bottom)
    First fix, wire to back box technology

    Technical Specification
    Model : MKII-AXTB/W
    Part Number : 42-618
    Operating Voltage : 17 – 28V DC
    Quiescent Current : 1.5mA
    Alarm Current  :18 to 43mA
    Sound Output : *98.2dB
    Colour :  White body, Clear Flash
    Minimum Continuous Operating Temperature : 0°C
    Operating Temperature :  -10°C To +55°C
    Max Humidity : 95% Rh Non Condensing
    IP Rating : IP21C
    Size mm (with back box) : 105x 105 x 56mm (105 X 105 X 89mm)
    Weight : 210g

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