Combustible | Gas Detector Sensor | F162

  • High-quality thick film metal oxide semiconductors and screen-printed gas sensors in the combustible gas detector detect combustible gas leaks in homes, businesses, hotels, and apartments.
  • The detector is reliable, has a long lifespan, and is simple to install thanks to the MCU’s good performance.
  • Support the actual voice and alerting buzzer. The voice content will change depending on the concentration of gas leaking.
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    Reliable Combustible Gas Detection: F162 Gas Detector sensor

    Cutting-Edge Sensor Technology

    The F162 Gas Detector utilizes top-tier thick-film metal oxide semiconductors, incorporating screen-printed gas sensors. This technology enables precise detection of combustible gas leaks in various settings, including households, industries, hotels, and apartments.

    Enhanced Stability and Longevity

    Benefit from exceptional stability and an extended lifespan. The detector’s MCU showcases excellent performance, ensuring operation stability, prolonged durability, and hassle-free installation.

    Customizable Alarming with Real Voice and Buzzer

    Experience versatile alarming options. This detector supports real voice and buzzer alarming, ensuring timely alerts in case of gas leakage. The content of the voice alarm varies based on the concentration of the detected gas, providing informative alerts for different gas density levels.

    • The F162 Gas Detector is engineered with cutting-edge sensor technology. Equipped with high-quality thick-film metal oxide semiconductors and screen-printed gas sensors, it boasts precise and reliable detection capabilities for combustible gas leaks, ensuring safety in residential and commercial environments.
    • Stability and longevity are at the forefront of this detector’s design. An advanced MCU guarantees stable performance, an extended lifespan, and hassle-free installation, offering reliability and peace of mind for long-term use.
    • Versatile alarming options make this detector stand out. Supporting both real voice and buzzer alarming ensures timely and customizable alerts in the event of gas leakage. The voice alarm content varies based on the detected gas concentration, providing informative and actionable alerts for different gas density levels.
    • The F162 Gas Detector offers precise and reliable detection of combustible gas leaks. Its cutting-edge sensor technology ensures accurate detection in various environments. With stability, longevity, and versatile alarming options, it is a dependable solution for ensuring safety in households, industries, hotels, and apartments.

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