Construction Helmet | Head Protection | Safety Helmet


4 Point Ratchet Lock Suspension

Size Adjustable (53-62cm)

Red/White/Blue/Yellow/Orange Available

Conforms To CE En397 Standards

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    Construction Helmet: Safety and Comfort Combined

    Durable Construction: HDPE Shell+EPE

    Crafted for resilience. The construction helmet combines an HDPE shell with EPE, ensuring durability and impact resistance and offering reliable protection in hazardous work environments.

    Secure Fit: 4-Point Ratchet Lock Suspension.

    Stay securely in place. Featuring a 4-point ratchet lock suspension system, this helmet provides a snug and secure fit, minimizing movement while ensuring comfort during prolonged use.

    Customizable Size: Adjustable (53-62cm)

    Adaptable for everyone. With an adjustable size ranging from 53 to 62cm, this helmet accommodates various head sizes, offering a comfortable and customized fit for every user.

    Color Variety: Red/White/Blue/Yellow/Orange Available

    Express your style. Available in various vibrant colors—red, white, blue, yellow, and orange—this helmet not only ensures safety but also allows personal style preferences.

    Certified Safety: Conforms to CE En397 Standards

    Assured safety standards. Moreover, it conforms to CE En397 standards, meets stringent safety criteria, and offers peace of mind regarding its protective capabilities.

    The safety Helmet combines durability, comfort, and safety. With its HDPE Shell+EPE construction, 4 Point Ratchet Lock Suspension for a secure fit, adjustable size range, and available color variety, this helmet prioritizes safety without compromising style or comfort. Conforming to CE En397 standards, it’s a reliable choice for anyone working in demanding environments.


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