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Cutting-edge Relay Technology:

  • Active relay board with 2 inputs and 2 outputs.
  • Seamless integration for efficient communication.

Key Features:

  • Dynamic Signal Relay (24V DC 0.3A).
  • Potential-free changeover contacts for secure operation.

Compact Dimensions:

  • Space-efficient design (59 x 52 x 20mm).
  • Versatile mounting options for diverse configurations.

Technical Advancements:

  • Enhanced input and output functionality.
  • Precision in operations to meet modern requirements.

User-Focused Design:

  • Effortless integration for reduced installation time.
  • Plug-and-play compatibility for user-friendly setup.
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    Revolutionize Control Panels: Tecnofire Detection Unveils the Relay Module

    In a stride towards control panel excellence, Tecnofire Detection introduces its Relay Module, a game-changing accessory designed to enhance functionality and versatility.

    State-of-the-Art Relay Technology:

    1. Active Voice in Innovation:

    Tecnofire Detection leads control panel advancements, presenting the Relay Module with a cutting-edge relay board boasting 2 inputs and 2 outputs.

    2. Seamless Connectivity:

    It ensures seamless integration into control panels, allowing for efficient communication and coordination of diverse systems.

    Key Features:

    1. Dynamic Signal Relay:

    Experience unparalleled control with the Signal Relay feature, operating at 24V DC and handling up to 0.3A, ensuring precise and reliable signal transmission.

    2. Potential-Free Changeover Contacts:

    Incorporates potential-free changeover contacts, offering flexibility in configuration and minimizing interference, ensuring a secure and stable operation.

    Compact Dimensions:

    1. Space-Efficient Design:

    It boasts compact dimensions (59 x 52 x 20mm), allowing easy integration into control panels with limited space without compromising functionality.

    2. Versatile Mounting Options:

    Its compact size provides versatile mounting options, adapting to various control panel configurations and spatial constraints.

    Technical Advancements:

    1. Enhanced Input and Output Functionality:

    The relay board’s 2 inputs and 2 outputs cater to a diverse range of control scenarios, offering enhanced functionality and control capabilities.

    2. Precision in Operations:

    The design ensures precision in operations, meeting modern control panel requirements.

    User-Focused Design:

    1. Effortless Integration:

    It is designed with user convenience and allows straightforward integration into existing control systems, reducing installation time and complexity.

    2. Plug-and-Play Compatibility:

    Benefit from a plug-and-play design that simplifies the installation process, making it accessible for users with varying technical expertise.


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