CSJ C-1 | Ball Valve | Risers


Model: C-1

Material: Brass

Working Pressure: >18bar

Size: 1″ and 3/4″

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    CSJ C-1 Ball Valve: Precision Engineering Redefined for Firefighting Water Control

    In firefighting equipment, the CSJ C-1 Ball Valve is a pinnacle of precision engineering, meticulously crafted to enhance water control capabilities in critical firefighting operations. This valve, represented by the distinguished C-1 model, is a symbol of reliability, designed to excel under the most demanding conditions.

    Precision Craftsmanship, Unyielding Reliability

    Model: C-1 The C-1 model is the hallmark of precision, embodying reliability and performance excellence in critical firefighting scenarios. Its design is a testament to the meticulous engineering to ensure seamless operation during high-stress situations.

    Resilient Construction for Endurance

    Material: Brass Forged from resilient brass, the CSJ C-1 Ball Valve guarantees durability and unwavering performance in intense firefighting environments. The choice of materials reflects a commitment to enduring quality, making it a stalwart component in firefighting apparatus.

    Thriving Under Pressure

    Working Pressure: > 18 bar Engineered to excel under extreme pressures, the CSJ C-1 Ball Valve confidently operates in conditions exceeding 18 bars. This capability ensures consistent functionality during high-stress situations, where precise water control is paramount.

    Versatile Sizing for Adaptability

    Size: 1″ and 3/4″ The CSJ C-1 Ball Valve offers versatile sizing options in 1″ and 3/4″. This adaptability allows seamless integration into a spectrum of firefighting configurations, providing versatility and convenience in water flow control.

    Empowering Emergency Response Through Precision Water Management

    Vital Role in Water Flow Control The CSJ C-1 Ball Valve is indispensable in firefighting protocols as a linchpin for precise water flow management during emergencies. Its presence ensures swift and effective response capabilities, empowering firefighting teams to tackle crises with unparalleled precision.

    The CSJ C-1 Ball Valve is not just a component; it’s a testament to precision engineering, durability, and adaptability. As a critical player in firefighting water control, it stands ready to meet the challenges of emergencies, ensuring that water management is not just a necessity but a finely tuned and reliable process.


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