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  • Concealed Design: Streamlined and space-efficient concealed design for a modern and aesthetic appeal.
  • Versatile 6-Way Configuration: Accommodates up to 6 ways, providing flexibility for diverse power distribution needs.
  • Precision Monitoring: Option for Volt/Amp meter for accurate monitoring of electrical parameters.
  • Seamless Transition: Includes a changeover switch for smooth transitions between power sources.
  • Illuminating Indicator Lights: Optional LED indicator lights for visual status indication and easy troubleshooting.
  • Efficient Conductivity: Robust copper bus bar ensures efficient electrical conductivity, minimizing power loss.
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    Enhancing Power Management: Unveiling the DBN-06 Electrical Distribution Box

    Optimized Concealed Design

    The DBN-06 Electrical Distribution Box stands out with its concealed design, ensuring a streamlined and space-efficient solution for power distribution needs. This design not only adds a touch of aesthetics but also maximizes functionality.

    Versatile 6-Way Configuration

    With the capacity to accommodate up to 6 ways, this distribution box offers unparalleled versatility. Whether for residential or commercial applications, the DBN-06 provides ample options for connecting electrical circuits efficiently.

    Precision Monitoring with Volt/Amp Meter

    Equipped with the option for a Volt/Amp meter, this distribution box allows for precise monitoring of electrical parameters. This feature adds an extra layer of control, enabling users to stay informed about power consumption and make informed decisions.

    Seamless Transition with Changeover Switch

    The inclusion of a changeover switch provides a seamless transition between power sources. This feature is precious in situations where a backup power supply needs to take over swiftly, ensuring uninterrupted electrical service.

    Illuminate with LED Indicator Lights

    To further enhance user experience and troubleshooting, the DBN-06 offers the option of LED indicator lights. These lights visually indicate the box’s operational status, making it easier to identify issues and take prompt action.

    Robust Copper Bus Bar for Efficient Conductivity

    Ensuring efficient electrical conductivity, the DBN-06 incorporates a robust copper bus bar. This choice of material enhances the box’s durability while facilitating the smooth flow of electrical current, minimizing resistance and power loss.

    The DBN-06 Electrical Distribution Box is a comprehensive solution for power management, combining a concealed design with versatile configuration options, precision monitoring, seamless transition capabilities, LED indicator lights, and efficient copper bus bars. Whether for residential or commercial applications, this distribution box ensures reliability and efficiency in electrical distribution.


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