DEZEGA D-SORB (Soda Lime Absorber)

  • Highly efficient D-SORB soda lime absorber removes carbon dioxide effectively
  • Engineered granules in cartridge for optimized absorption, ensuring user comfort
  • Low breathing resistance and high absorbance capacity for enhanced safety
  • Superior rubbing endurance for long-lasting performance
  • Multicomponent agent with 96% Ca(OH)2 and 4% NaOH for effective carbon dioxide neutralization
  • Irregular cylinder granules designed for optimal absorption
  • Suitable for storage in temperatures from -30 to +50°C (-20 °F to 120 °F)
  • Enhances safety in breathing apparatus with reliable and efficient carbon dioxide removal
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    D-SORB Soda Lime Absorber: Enhancing Safety in Breathing Apparatus

    The DEZEGA D-SORB soda lime absorber stands out as a crucial component in compressed oxygen breathing apparatus, effectively removing carbon dioxide to ensure safe and efficient breathing for users. These specially designed granules, housed in a cartridge, are engineered to optimize carbon dioxide absorption, providing users with a comfortable breathing experience.

    Importance of D-SORB Absorber:

    The user of a compressed oxygen breathing apparatus exhales a mixture of gases, including carbon dioxide. In closed-circuit apparatuses, this gas must be neutralized, and the D-SORB absorber plays a vital role in this process.

    Enhanced Breathing Experience:

    The unique granule shape and optimal formula of D-SORB enable it to efficiently absorb carbon dioxide, reducing breathing resistance in DEZEGA CC SCBAs and ensuring users can breathe comfortably even in challenging environments.

    Key Benefits of D-SORB Absorber:

    • Low breathing resistance in the -30EX and other DEZEGA CC SCBAs
    • High absorbance capacity for effective carbon dioxide removal
    • Superior rubbing endurance, ensuring long-lasting performance

    Technical Features of D-SORB:

    • Absorber contains a multicomponent agent with 96% Ca(OH)2 and 4% NaOH
    • Granule composition ranges from 2.8 to 5.5 mm, with a minimum content of 90%
    • The granules have an irregular cylinder shape for absorbing optimally.
    • High rubbing endurance of 80%
    • Suitable for storage in temperatures ranging from -30 to +50°C (-20 °F to 120 °F)

    In conclusion, the DEZEGA D-SORB soda lime absorber is a reliable and efficient solution for carbon dioxide removal in breathing apparatuses, ensuring the safety and well-being of users in various hazardous environments. By actively absorbing carbon dioxide and offering superior performance characteristics, D-SORB contributes to a seamless breathing experience for individuals relying on compressed oxygen systems.





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