Dezega Leak Testing Device PGS-2 (for 1PVM KS)

  • Detects even the smallest leaks in self-contained self-rescuers
  • Reliable solution for ensuring the safety of chemical oxygen in high-risk environments
  • Precise pressure measurement range of 3.8–5.3 kPa with a low 1.6% relative error
  • Lightweight and portable design for on-site leak testing
  • Immediate detection of leaks with color indicator system
  • Proactive leak testing solution to safeguard respiratory protection equipment

Invest in the Dezega Leak Testing Device PGS-2 for unparalleled precision and reliability in detecting leaks in your self-contained self-rescuer. Don’t compromise on safety – stay ahead of potential risks with our advanced leak testing technology.

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    Dezega Leak Testing Device PGS-2 (for 1PVM KS)

    In high-risk environments where chemical oxygen is crucial for safety, ensuring the integrity of your self-contained self-rescuer (SCSR) is paramount. The Dezega Leak Testing Device PGS-2 is a reliable solution designed to detect even the slightest leaks that may compromise the effectiveness of your SCSR.

    Moisture-Sensitive Chemical Oxygen

    Chemical oxygen used in SCBAs is highly moisture-sensitive, and any unseen leaks in the SCSR can pose serious risks to the wearer. Despite the robust construction of Dezega SCSR cases, factors such as improper storage or wear and tear may lead to undetected leaks over time. The moisture indicator integrated into the PGS-2 is sensitive enough to detect minimal leakage, providing an early warning system for potential hazards.

    Technical Features:

    • Chamber Working Pressure

    The PGS-2 operates at a chamber working pressure of 5 kPa, ensuring optimal performance during leak testing.

    • Pressure Measurement Range

    With a pressure measurement range of 3.8–5.3 kPa, the device can accurately pinpoint pressure variations indicative of leaks.

    • Manometer Relative Error

    Featuring a low relative error of 1.6%, the PGS-2 provides precise and reliable leak testing results.

    • Weight

    Weighing just 7 kg, the device is lightweight and portable for convenient testing on-site.

    Indicator Status:

    • Blue, Purple, White/No Indicator

    In the absence of a color change in the indicator, your SCSR is secure and requires routine inspections as per the manual guidelines.

    • Pink Indicator

    A pink indicator signifies a potential risk of leakage in the SCSR. Immediate action is required to test the device for leaks using the Dezega Leakage Testing Device PGS-2.

    By incorporating the Dezega PGS-2 into your safety protocols, you can proactively assess the integrity of your SCSR and mitigate potential risks associated with undetected leaks. Stay vigilant and ensure the reliability of your respiratory protection equipment with Dezega’s advanced leakage testing solution.





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