Fire hose | Hose & ducting Fire Hose Pipe EN694

  • Fire-Fighting Powerhouse: High-pressure hose for delivering water or fire retardant to extinguish fires effectively.
  • UV-Inhibited Outer Layer: Coated with UV inhibitor for colorfastness and durability against environmental elements.
  • Impressive Pressure Ratings: Minimum bursting pressure (Bp) of 42 bar and maximum working pressure (Wp) of 20 bar ensure strength and reliability during firefighting operations.
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    Fire Hose Pipe: The Ultimate Firefighting Essential

    Embark on a journey of firefighting supremacy with the Fire Hose Pipe, your paramount ally against blazes. This high-pressure lifeline stands tall as a beacon of reliability, designed to swiftly channel water or fire retardant, such as foam, to the heart of fires, extinguishing them effectively. Crafted for resilience, its outer layer is fortified with a UV inhibitor, ensuring unwavering colorfastness and durability against nature’s harshest elements.

    Unleashing Unmatched Pressure Mastery

    Engineered to endure the fiery chaos of emergencies, this hose pipe boasts unparalleled pressure capabilities. With a minimum bursting pressure (Bp) of 42 bar and a maximum working pressure (Wp) of 20 bar. Moreover, it stands resolute and gives a forceful stream of firefighting aid with precision and efficiency, safeguarding lives and property.

    Versatility and Unyielding Strength

    This fire hose pipe flexes its muscles across diverse firefighting scenarios, from industrial conflagrations to residential crises. Its UV-inhibited exterior ensures prolonged service life, preserving its color and structural integrity amidst the most challenging conditions.

    A Trusted Beacon in Turmoil

    Rely on the Fire Hose Pipe as a steadfast companion amid emergencies. Its robust construction and high-pressure prowess guarantee unwavering efficiency and strength in quelling fires, offering a vital lifeline when every second counts.

    The Fire Hose Pipe epitomizes firefighting excellence, seamlessly blending high-pressure efficiency with resilience against nature’s forces. Its UV-inhibited exterior and exceptional pressure ratings promise unwavering firefighting capabilities, emerging as an indispensable guardian in the heat of the moment.


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