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The EX Pro is the latest modern designed extinguishing panel from Zeta Alarm Systems, fully complying with EN54 parts 2 & 4, and EN
12094 part 1. Featuring a blue 4 x 20 LCD display with a list of extra features such as memory log of fire, fault and system events, adjustable flood times and countdown of extinguishing sequence.
The panel is assembled in a very modernised enclosure and construction for ease of termination.

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    Integral PSU (2.0Amp)
    4 x 20 LCD Display
    Extinguishing Delay
    Timer (0-60 seconds)
    Flooding Time Programming
    1.0A Bottle Output
    Optional 8 Way Relay
    Aux (Fan Output)
    Alarm/Fault log (100 Events)
    RS485 Output
    Optional 8 Way Relay Output

    Technical Information
    Model : EX-PRO
    Part Number : 37-096
    Supply Voltage : 230 AC +/- 10%
    System Voltage :  24 VDC (Nominal)
    Zone Capacity : 32 Devices
    No. of Detection Zones : 2 – EOL (4.7k)
    Line Monitoring for Open & Short Circuit : Yes
    Max Cable Length per Zone : 250m
    Zone Quiescent Current : 2mA max – EOL
    No. of Sounder Circuits : 3 (S1A, S1B for 1st Stage, S2 for 2nd Stage)
    Sounder Output Rating : 21-28 VDC, fused at 150mA per circuit
    Max Cable Length : 60m
    No. of Auxilliary Outputs:  5 (fault, 1st stage fire, 2nd stage fire, extract fan, gas fired output)
    Relay Rating : (30V – 1 Amp)
    Bottle Output : 1.0 Amp – EOL 18K
    5 Monitored Inputs : Manual release, low pressure, gas fired, auto input & abort
    E.O.L Value : 18K
    Battery Space : Up to 2 x 7.0 AH, 12V DC SLA batteries
    IP Rating : IP32
    Operating Temperature : -10 to 50°C
    Box Dimensions (mm) : (W) 370 x (H) 311 x (D) 113

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