Safety Goggles | Eye Protection | 1304

They form a protective seal around the eyes, and prevent objects or liquids from entering under or around the goggles.

Lens-Coating: Anti-Scratch
Glass Temple-Style: black color soft, flat spatula-type temple
Lens Color: Clear
Lens-Material: Polycarbonate 1.8-2.0mm thick
Glass Frame-Design: Frameless
Standard: EN166F/ANSI Z87.1

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    Uncompromised Eye Protection: Safety Goggles 1304

    Durable Anti-Scratch Lens Coating

    Experience longevity and clarity. The anti-scratch coating on these safety goggles ensures durability, offering a clear field of vision and sustained protection against abrasions and wear.

    Comfortable Blue Glass Temple Design

    Embrace comfort without sacrificing style. The black-color soft, flat spatula-type temple design. For instance, this provides a snug and comfortable fit, ensuring extended wear without discomfort.

    Crystal Clear Lens for Enhanced Visibility

    See with clarity and precision. The clear polycarbonate lens, 1.8-2.0mm thick, offers exceptional visibility. Moreover, this allows for unobstructed vision while ensuring reliable protection.

    Frameless Design for Unobtrusive Wear

    Enjoy freedom of movement without restrictions. The frameless design of these goggles ensures unobtrusive wear, providing a wide field of vision without visual hindrances.

    Certified Safety Standards for Maximum Protection

    Rest assured with certified safety standards. Compliant with EN166F/ANSI Z87.1 standards, these goggles offer maximum protection and adhere to stringent safety benchmarks.

    • Safety Goggles 1304 prioritizes both durability and clarity. Featuring an anti-scratch lens coating, they guarantee extended longevity and a clear field of vision, ensuring sustained protection against wear and tear.
    • Comfort meets functionality with the blue-color soft, flat spatula-type temple design. Offering a comfortable fit, these goggles are designed for extended wear without compromising style.
    • Visibility remains uncompromised with the crystal-clear polycarbonate lens. Its 1.8-2.0mm thickness ensures exceptional clarity and provides unobstructed vision while safeguarding your eyes.
    • The frameless design of these goggles offers unobtrusive wear, ensuring freedom of movement and a wide field of vision. Also, this does not allow visual distractions, making them an ideal choice for various activities.
    • Certified to EN166F/ANSI Z87.1 standards, these goggles prioritize safety. Additionally, They meet stringent safety criteria, ensuring maximum eye protection in hazardous environments.

    Safety Goggles 1304 offers durability, comfort, clarity, and certified safety standards. With their anti-scratch lens coating, comfortable temple design, clear polycarbonate lens, and frameless design, these goggles are a reliable choice for uncompromised eye protection.


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