Fire Alarm | Magnetic Door Stop | Zeta Alarm System

  • Retains fire doors open, swiftly closing in case of a fire alarm.
  • EN1155 compliance ensures adherence to rigorous safety standards.
  • Model: ZT-DR24, Rated Voltage: 24V DC, Holding Force: 400 N.
  • Synchronizes with fire alarm systems for a prompt and efficient response.
  • Compact design (110 x 85 x 38mm) and robust construction for unobtrusive yet effective installation.
  • Streamlined testing procedures ensure optimal performance.
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    Enhanced Safety with Zeta Alarm System’s Magnetic Door Stop

    Discover unparalleled safety with Zeta Alarm System’s Magnetic Door Stop, meticulously designed to retain fire doors open and seamlessly integrate with fire alarm systems. In the event of a fire, the door holder magnet can be deactivated by the fire alarm, allowing the door to close swiftly and efficiently.

    Exceptional Features:

    1. Active Safety Measures:

    The ZT-DR24 actively contributes to fire safety by retaining fire doors open, ready to be shut promptly when triggered by the fire alarm.

    2. Fire-Tested Reliability:

    Tested according to the stringent EN1155 standards, the ZT-DR24 model ensures reliability and adherence to industry benchmarks.

    Technical Specifications:

    1. Model Details:
    • Model: ZT-DR24
    • Part No.: 50-001
    2. Electrical Ratings:
    • Rated Voltage: 24V DC
    • Rated Current: 65mA
    3. Advanced Switching:
    • Switch Through Aux: Yes
    • Back EMF Diode Requirement: Yes
    4. Robust Holding Force:
    • Boasting a holding force of 400 N, Zeta’s door holders guarantee a secure and steadfast grip.
    5. Compact Design:
    • The main unit’s compact dimensions (110 x 85 x 38mm) and the keeper plate’s dimensions (55 x 55 x 50mm) ensure an unobtrusive yet effective installation.
    6. Weight Considerations:
    • Main Unit Weight: 404g
    • Keeper Plate Weight: 153g

    Seamless Integration:

    1. Synchronized Fire Response:

    The magnetic door holders seamlessly integrate with fire alarm systems, ensuring synchronized response mechanisms for swift door closure during fire incidents.

    2. Streamlined Testing Procedures:

    With EN1155 compliance, periodic testing is streamlined, guaranteeing that the magnetic door holders operate at optimal levels to meet safety standards.

    The ZT-DR24  redefine fire safety, offering a reliable and efficient solution for retaining fire doors open while ensuring a prompt response during fire incidents. With meticulous testing, advanced technical specifications, and a commitment to safety, these door holders are an integral component in creating secure environments.

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