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The new Xtratone addressable wall sounder with beacon has been designed to make an “electronics free” first fix and is available in red or white. The beacon has a coverage pattern of W-3.1-9.1 and the sounder part has 16 tones selectable at the control panel.

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    Fire Alarm Sounder with Beacon: Introducing the Xtratone Addressable Wall Sounder

    Revolutionize your fire alarm system with the Xtratone Addressable Wall Sounder, a cutting-edge device that combines powerful sound output and visual alert capability. This innovative product features a beacon with a coverage pattern W-3.1-9.1 and a powerful 100dB @ 1m sound output, ensuring that occupants are alerted promptly in the event of a fire. With 16 selectable tones and flash rates between 0.33Hz and 1.5Hz, this fire alarm sounder offers versatility and reliability when it matters most.

    Versatile Addressing Options and Installation Flexibility

    Configured to suit your specific requirements with both hard and soft addressing options. Whether you prefer to use the 8-way dip-switch for hard addressing or the MKII Handheld Programmer for soft addressing, setting up this device is a breeze. Additionally, flush or surface fixing allows for seamless integration into any environment, ensuring a streamlined and professional installation process.

    Durable and Reliable Construction

    If you’re looking for a reliable wall sounder that is built to last, the Xtratone Addressable Wall Sounder is your perfect choice. Constructed from UL V0 flame retardant ABS, this device is designed to withstand the rigors of daily operation while maintaining optimal safety standards. Moreover, with 4 cable entries, this sounder provides added convenience, and first-fix technology makes wiring to the back box easy. Plus, the device is both durable and user-friendly, ensuring a hassle-free experience. Don’t waste any more time with unreliable products. Switch to the Xtratone Addressable Wall Sounder today and enjoy a worry-free experience.

    Technical Specifications Overview

    Model: MKII-AXTB/R

    Part Number: 42-617

    Operating Voltage: 17 – 28V DC

    Quiescent Current: 1.5mA

    Alarm Current: 18 to 43mA

    Sound Output: 98.2dB

    Color: Red body, Clear flash

    Minimum Continuous Operating Temperature: 0°C

    Operating Temperature: -10°C to +55°C

    Max Humidity: 95% Rh Non-Condensing

    IP Rating: IP21C

    Size mm (with back box): 105 x 105 x 56mm (105 x 105 x 89mm)

    Weight: 210g

    Experience unparalleled protection and reliability with the Xtratone Addressable Wall Sounder, the ultimate solution for fire alarm systems that demand the highest performance and functionality. Trust in Xtratone to deliver exceptional quality and cutting-edge technology for your safety and peace of min

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