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† Wetplug fire blankets are electrical resistant not less than 1M to ensure that in the event of use where live electrical equipment is
concerned, the potential for an electrical shock is minimized.
† WETPLUG fire blankets conform to the requirements of BS EN 1869:1997.
† Container can be wall-mounted.
† Easy and quick withdrawal of blanket from container.
† Fire blankets are efficiently packaged in a choice of containers such as PVC boxes,

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    Ultimate Safety Assurance: Wetplug Fire Blanket

    Electrical Resistance: Minimized Electrical Shock Risk

    Ensure unparalleled safety, especially in situations involving live electrical equipment. Wetplug fire blankets boast electrical resistance of not less than 1M, significantly minimizing the potential for electrical shock in critical situations. This feature provides peace of mind, ensuring a safer environment for handling fires near electrical sources.

    Compliance with BS EN 1869:1997 Standards

    Rest assured with fire blankets that meet the stringent requirements of BS EN 1869:1997. Wetplug blankets conform to these rigorous standards, ensuring reliability and compliance with international safety benchmarks. The adherence to these standards guarantees top-notch quality and reliability in critical situations.

    Wall-Mountable Container Convenience

    Optimal convenience at your fingertips. The container housing the fire blankets is designed for easy wall-mounting, providing quick access in emergencies while saving valuable space. This feature ensures that the blankets are readily accessible, facilitating swift deployment when every second counts.

    Efficient and Swift Blanket Retrieval

    In emergencies, every second counts. Wetplug fire blankets ensure easy and rapid withdrawal from the container, enabling swift deployment to smother flames and mitigate fire risks effectively. This feature emphasizes the importance of quick action and accessibility during critical fire incidents.

    Variety of Packaging Options for Enhanced Convenience

    Choose from various packaging options for maximum convenience. Wetplug fire blankets are efficiently packaged in containers such as PVC boxes, offering versatile choices to suit different needs and preferences. This diversity in packaging ensures flexibility, catering to various usage scenarios and user preferences.

    Each Wetplug fire blanket embodies reliability, meeting stringent safety standards, offering easy access in emergencies, and ensuring rapid deployment for effective fire suppression. Their electrical resistance, compliance with standards, container design, swift retrieval, and packaging variety guarantee optimal safety measures in diverse settings.


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