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Suzhou HLC Plastics Industry Co., Ltd. It is an enterprise integrated with R&D, production, and sales of various high-quality products, which Was developed from the earliest Taiwan-owned CS.)  Plastics Industry (Suzhou) Co., Ltd. They provide a fire hose reel that has the following features:

  • Certified Fire Safety: BSCIPCB, KIWA, Global Mark approvals
  • Marine-Approved: MED approval for marine fire hose reels/cabinets
  • UL-Certified: Fire hose and extinguisher discharge hoses
  • Versatile High-Pressure Hoses: Agricultural/industrial use


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    Enhanced Fire Safety: Certified Fire Hose Reel

    Assured Reliability and Quality: BSCIPCB, KIWA, and Global Mark Certified

    Embrace unwavering quality assurance with fire cabinets and hose reels certified by BSCIPCB, KIWA, and Global Mark. These certifications signify meticulous testing and compliance with stringent safety and quality standards. Rest assured, these fire safety apparatus undergo rigorous assessments, ensuring their reliability and adherence to the highest industry benchmarks. Feel confident in their ability to meet your fire safety needs effectively.

    Marine-Optimized Safety with MED Approval

    Rely on the pinnacle of marine safety standards with MED approval. Crafted specifically for maritime environments, MED-approved marine fire hose reels and cabinets undergo meticulous design and manufacturing processes to meet the stringent safety demands at sea. This approval ensures their durability, functionality, and efficiency, enabling swift and effective fire response in the challenging and dynamic settings of ships and vessels, guaranteeing optimal safety for onboard operations.

    Efficient UL-Certified Extinguishing Solutions

    Depend on proven and efficient UL-certified fire hose reels and extinguisher discharge hoses. These solutions adhere rigorously to UL’s stringent fire suppression standards, assuring their reliability and effectiveness in controlling and extinguishing fires. Their certification signifies their robustness and efficiency, providing reliable fire control measures backed by extensive testing and validation, ensuring top-tier fire safety performance.

    Versatile High-Pressure Hoses for Diverse Applications

    Experience adaptability and high performance with high-pressure hoses tailored for agricultural and industrial uses. The Fire Hose Reel promises exceptional reliability across various applications, catering dynamically to diverse fire safety needs. Specifically designed for challenging environments, they ensure readiness and effectiveness in agricultural settings, industrial facilities, and other demanding scenarios, offering reliable performance in every firefighting situation.


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