Fire Hydrant | Dry Barrel

† Hydrant meets all applicable parts of AWWA C502 standards.
† Rated working pressure 200psi and test pressure 400psi as per UL
† Rated working pressure 250 psi and test pressure 500psi as per FM
† Threaded and field replaceable hose nozzles and pumper outlet.
† Mechanical Joint end valves are furnished for use with mechanical joint cast iron pipe.
† Dry barrel design eliminates damage to the hydrant caused by freezing of the upper part


WETPLUG UL and FM approved dry barrel water hydrants are Manufactured in accordance with AWWA C502/ANSI standards.
WETPLUG dry barrel hydrant has highest quality and gives smooth and optimum performance. Dry barrel water hydrant main valve is
located below ground and section that exceeds above ground is void of water except during operation. Dry column empties
itself automatically on closing the main valve when the hydrant is not in use.

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    Dependable Water Access: WETPLUG UL and FM-Approved  Fire Hydrant

    Compliance with AWWA C502 Standards

    Rest assured with certified compliance. These hydrants meet all applicable parts of the AWWA C502 standards, ensuring quality, reliability, and adherence to industry benchmarks.

    Robust Pressure Ratings: UL and FM Certified

    Ensure reliability under pressure. Rated at a working pressure of 200psi, and test pressure of 400psi (UL), a working pressure of 250psi, and a test pressure of 500psi (FM), these hydrants promise resilience and durability even in demanding conditions.

    Versatile Hose Nozzles and Pumper Outlet

    Adaptability at its core. It features threaded and field-replaceable hose nozzles and a pump outlet. Additionally, these hydrants provide versatile options for various water access needs.

    Compatibility with Mechanical Joint Cast Iron Pipe

    Optimal compatibility for seamless operation. Furnished with mechanical joint end valves. The primary purpose of these hydrants with mechanical joint cast iron pipes is to ensure reliable and efficient functionality.

    Innovative Dry Barrel Design

    Prevent freezing-related damage. The dry barrel design eliminates the risk of the upper part freezing, safeguarding the hydrant from potential damage and ensuring long-term functionality even in cold conditions.

    • WETPLUG UL and FM-approved dry barrel hydrants offer dependable water access. Compliant with AWWA C502 standards, these hydrants ensure quality and reliability, meeting industry benchmarks.
    • Robust pressure ratings are a testament to their durability. With UL and FM certifications, these hydrants promise resilience, boasting working and test pressures that guarantee performance even under extreme conditions.
    • Adaptability is vital, and these hydrants deliver. Featuring threaded and field-replaceable hose nozzles and a pumper outlet, they offer versatile options, ensuring suitability for various water access needs.
    • Compatibility is ensured with mechanical joint end valves. The hydrants can be used with mechanical joint iron pipes. Moreover, this enables seamless functionality and reliable water access.
    • The innovative dry barrel design sets these hydrants apart. In addition, by eliminating the risk of freezing in the upper part, they safeguard against potential damage caused by freezing, ensuring long-term functionality even in cold climates.

    WETPLUG UL and FM-approved dry barrel fire hydrants prioritize reliability, adaptability, and durability. These hydrants are ideal for dependable water access, compliance with industry standards, robust pressure ratings, versatile nozzle options, compatibility with cast iron pipes, and an innovative dry barrel design.


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