Fire Safety | Tecnofire Detection | Fire Alarm

The automatic fire alarm system TFA1-298 from Tecnofire guarantee the highest standards of fire protection and safety.

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    Expandability: max. 5 expansions connected via serial bus
    1 loop
    199 addressable detectors per loop
    99 addressable modules per loop
    Serial bus protocol: “Fire-Bus” proprietary protocol
    1 RS485 serial bus port (master)
    Loop protocol: “Fire-Speed” proprietary protocol
    Hard-programmed outputs: alarm, siren, failure
    Programmable outputs: 2 open-collector outputs
    Hard-wired zones: 150 zones programmable as fire detection or technical zone
    Virtual zones: 100 zones to be used as operation category for the Boolean functions
    100 Boolean functions, 44 operation categories
    50 alarm plans to be associated to the zones
    8 access periods to be used as operation category
    Customizable 4-years calendar
    Event buffer capacity: 8,192 events
    Serial printer management
    Modular switching power supply
    Max. output current: 2.7A
    Bay for 2x 12V/7Ah batteries

    Access levels and protection:
    Access levels: level 1 = operator, level 2 = user, level 3 = installer, level 4 = manufacturer
    Protection of access to the system: the access to level 2, 3 and 4 is protected by password
    Passwords: 8 user passwords, 1 installer password, 1 manufacturer password
    Protection of access to the monitored system mode: the monitored system mode is protected by a level 2 password

    User interface
    True color TFT display 482 x 272 pixel
    Function keys, 16 signaling LED
    Voice synthesis (vocabulary customizable through the programming software)
    Integrated speaker with volume setting
    Specifi c notifi cation mode for each event category
    Iconographic event viewing
    Information is displayed in a hierarchical order, according to its importance.
    Intuitive signaling thanks to different colors and font sizes
    Multi-level event viewing
    Quick classifi cation and clear identifi cation of the origin of the event
    Zone alarm notifi cation accompanied by viewing of the alarm plan

    Connection ports
    USB port for the direct connection of a PC
    Serial port for the connection of a PC and a serial printer through the PROG32 or PROG USB interface

    Control by PC
    Programming of the system
    Upgrade of the fi rmware of the devices
    Download of the reports
    Customization of the vocabulary, icons and fonts

    System Configuration:
    Expansions : 5
    LOOPS : 1

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