Flaw detectors Elecometer Mini Detector FD700 | NDT Testing

  • Cutting-edge flaw detection combined with advanced material thickness capabilities
  • Exceptional visibility in sunlight with AMOLED color VGA display
  • Sizing Toolkits including DAC, AWS, TCG, and DGS for comprehensive analysis
  • Adjustable pulse repetition frequency from 8 to 2000 Hz for versatile testing
  • Advanced detection modes including Z-Cross, Flank, and Peak for precise results
  • Automatic features for seamless operation such as probe zero and temperature compensation
  • Variety of measurement modes to address various NDT applications
  • Large data storage with multiple formats and easy download to ElecoMaster® data management software
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    NDT Testing Essential: Flaw Detectors Mini Detector FD700 by Elecometer

    Revolutionize your NDT testing process with Elecometer’s Mini Detector FD700 flaw detectors. Combining cutting-edge flaw detection technology with advanced material thickness capabilities, these handheld devices are your ultimate solution for accurate and efficient NDT testing.

    Exceptional Visibility in Any Lighting Conditions

    Experience unrivaled visibility even in bright sunlight with the Mini Detector FD700’s AMOLED color VGA display. With a resolution of 320×240 pixels, every detail is crystal clear, ensuring precise flaw detection in any environment.

    Sizing Toolkits for Comprehensive Analysis

    Equip yourself with the necessary tools for comprehensive analysis with the Mini Detector FD700’s sizing toolkits. Featuring DAC, AWS, TCG, and DGS capabilities, these toolkits empower you to accurately assess flaws and measure material thickness with ease.

    Adjustable Pulse Repetition Frequency for Versatile Testing

    Tailor your testing parameters to suit your needs with the Mini Detector FD700’s adjustable pulse repetition frequency, ranging from 8 to 2000 Hz. Whether you’re conducting detailed inspections or rapid scans, this feature ensures optimal performance and versatility.

    Advanced Detection Modes for Precise Results

    Achieve precise flaw detection with the Mini Detector FD700’s advanced detection modes, including Z-Cross, Flank, and Peak. These modes enable you to identify flaws accurately and efficiently, ensuring reliable testing results every time.

    Automatic Features for Seamless Operation

    Streamline your testing process with the Mini Detector FD700’s automatic features, including probe zero, probe recognition, and temperature compensation. These automated functions minimize user intervention, enhancing efficiency and accuracy during testing.

    Versatile Measurement Modes for Various Applications

    Address a wide range of NDT applications with the Mini Detector FD700’s variety of measurement modes. Whether you’re testing welds, conducting corrosion inspections, or measuring material thickness, these modes provide the flexibility you need to tackle any testing challenge.

    Large Data Storage with Easy Download

    Store and manage your testing data effortlessly with the Mini Detector FD700’s large data storage capacity. With multiple formats including alphanumeric grid and sequential with auto identifier, organizing and accessing your data is convenient and efficient. Plus, with the ability to download data to ElecoMaster® data management software, analyzing and reporting results has never been easier.

    Elevate your NDT testing capabilities with Elecometer’s Mini Detector FD700 flaw detectors. Designed to deliver exceptional performance and ease of use, these handheld devices are your ultimate solution for precise and reliable flaw detection in any testing environment.




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