Flush Mount Base | Repeater Tecnofire | TFBASE-TFT7LC

  • Enhances fire detection system communication with repeater panels.
  • Flush mount design for seamless integration, preserving aesthetics.
  • Always included in repeater panel packages for convenience.
  • Precision engineering for enhanced repeater panel performance.
  • Easy flush mount installation ensures user-friendly configuration.
  • Saves time and costs with an all-in-one solution for fire detection systems.
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    Enhance Communication with Tecnofire Detection’s Repeater Flush Mount Base (TFBASE-TFT7LC)

    Improve communication and streamline your fire detection system with Tecnofire Detection’s Repeater Flush Mount Base (TFBASE-TFT7LC). Specifically tailored for repeater panels, ensuring seamless integration and efficient communication in critical situations.

    Key Features:

    1. Enhanced Communication Hub:

    The TFBASE-TFT7LC serves as an advanced communication hub for repeater panels, facilitating precise and instant data transmission within your fire detection network.

    2. Streamlined Installation:

    Designed for flush mounting, this base ensures a streamlined and discreet installation process, seamlessly integrating with repeater panels without compromising aesthetics.

    3. Inclusive Package:

    It’s important to note that the TFBASE-TFT7LC comes as an integral part of the repeater panel package, ensuring convenience and completeness in your fire detection system.

    Efficient Integration:

    1. Active Inclusion in Packages:

    Tecnofire Detection ensures that every repeater panel package is equipped with the Flush Mount Base, promoting consistency and completeness in product offerings.

    2. Seamless Coordination:

    The design allows the base to coordinate seamlessly with repeater panels, providing a unified and cohesive appearance in your fire detection setup.

    Optimal Design for Repeater Panels:

    1. Precision Engineering:

    Crafted with precision, the TFBASE-TFT7LC boasts an optimal design that complements the functionalities of repeater panels, enhancing their overall performance.

    2. Aesthetic Considerations:

    The TFBASE-TFT7LC not only excels in functionality but also considers aesthetic considerations, contributing to a visually appealing and well-integrated fire detection system.

    Convenience in Implementation:

    1. User-Friendly Configuration:

    With its flush mounting design and inclusive nature in repeater panel packages, the TFBASE-TFT7LC ensures a user-friendly configuration process, minimizing installation complexities.

    2. Time and Cost Efficiency:

    Integrating the TFBASE-TFT7LC in repeater panel packages enhances time and cost efficiency, providing an all-in-one solution for your fire detection system needs.





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