Red Thermal Gloves | Hand Gloves | Safety Gloves

  • Acrylic Terry Brush for supreme cold protection.
  • 10GG seamless shell construction for a perfect wear fit.
  • Sandy Foam Latex ensures excellent grip in wet conditions.
  • HI-VIZ color for quick recognition.
  • Red thermal seamless terry brush shell, black smooth latex palm & thumb, and black Sandy Foam Latex coated palm & thumb.
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    TS WINTER-Cold Weather Hand Gloves: Unmatched Cold Protection and Comfort

    Construction Material: Acrylic Terry Brush for Supreme Cold Protection

    Crafted with precision using Acrylic Terry Brush, these hand gloves are designed to provide exceptional cold protection. Moreover, the innovative construction material ensures your hands stay warm and insulated.

    Comfort Fit: 10GG Seamless Shell Construction for Supreme Wear Fit

    The 10GG seamless shell construction guarantees a comfortable fit that conforms to your hands. Please wear these gloves confidently, knowing that the design prioritizes comfort. Additionally, allowing you to focus on your tasks without the discomfort of wearing gloves.

    Coating Profile: Sandy Foam Latex for Excellent Grip in Wet Conditions

    The Sandy Foam Latex coating on the palm and thumb is a game-changer, providing an excellent grip even in wet conditions. Whether working in damp environments or facing challenging weather, these gloves ensure a secure hold for optimal performance.

    Easy Identification: HI-VIZ Color for Quick Recognition

    The HI-VIZ color of these gloves enhances visibility and makes them easy to identify. For instance, In busy work environments or dim conditions, the vibrant color ensures that you can quickly locate and recognize your gloves. Also, it adds an element of convenience to your workday.

    TS WINTER-Cold Weather Safety Glove Features:

    • Red Thermal Seamless Terry Brush Shell: The distinctive red thermal seamless terry brush shell adds a layer of insulation, keeping your hands warm and protected in cold weather.
    • Bottom Layer Black Smooth Latex Palm & Thumb: The bottom layer, featuring black smooth latex on the palm and thumb, adds durability and resilience to the gloves.
    • Top Layer Black Sandy Foam Latex Coated Palm & Thumb: The top layer boasts black Sandy Foam Latex coating on the palm and thumb, ensuring an enhanced grip and overall performance.

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