Head Protection | Safety Helmet | 1004

  • Advanced Safety: ABS/HDPE shell for robust head protection
  • Adjustable Fit: 4/6 Point Ratchet Lock Suspension, size adjustable (53-62cm)
  • Enhanced Convenience: Earmuff slot for additional protection
  • Aesthetic Variety: Available in Red, White, Blue, Yellow, and Orange
  • Certified Safety: Conforms to CE En397 standards
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    Head Protection 1004: Safeguarding Heads with Advanced Safety Helmets

    Unparalleled Safety Features for Comprehensive Personal Protection

    The Head Protection 1004 takes safety to the next level with cutting-edge features designed to prevent or minimize injuries. These safety helmets are a formidable defense against potential hazards, including falling objects, debris, impacts, electric shock, and rain.

    Robust Construction with ABS/HDPE Shell

    The foundation of the 1004 lies in its durable ABS/HDPE shell, providing a sturdy and impact-resistant structure. This construction ensures optimal protection against a range of potential head injuries, making it an essential accessory for individuals working in diverse environments.

    Secure Fit with 4/6 Point Ratchet Lock Suspension

    The 4/6 Point Ratchet Lock Suspension system ensures a secure and comfortable fit for the wearer. This innovative design allows for easy adjustment, adapting to different head sizes (53-62cm) and providing a snug fit that stays in place during various activities.

    Tailored Adjustability for Enhanced Comfort

    Earmuff Slot for Added Convenience

    The 1004 goes beyond standard features with the inclusion of an earmuff slot. This thoughtful addition allows users to seamlessly integrate earmuffs, enhancing overall safety and providing additional protection against noise-related hazards.

    Size Adjustable for a Personalized Experience

    Designed for versatility, these safety helmets come with size adjustability (53-62cm). This customization ensures that individuals of varying head sizes can enjoy a tailored and comfortable fit, promoting prolonged wear without compromising on safety.

    Aesthetic Variety Meeting Safety Standards

    Color Options for Personalized Style

    The 1004 doesn’t just prioritize safety; it offers a touch of personalization with color options available in Red, White, Blue, Yellow, and Orange. This allows users to choose a helmet that aligns with their preferences while adhering to stringent safety standards.

    Conforms to CE En397 Standards

    Rest assured, the 1004 complies with CE En397 standards, ensuring that it meets the highest safety benchmarks. This certification underscores the commitment to providing reliable and certified head protection for individuals in various industries.


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