Input-output module | Tecnofire Detection | Fire Alarm

The TFM20 is an addressable module composed of 2 supervised physical/logical units: 2 inputs, which are individually identified by the system and occupy up to 2 addresses.

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    Programmable functions: 4 functioning modes (generate alarm, generate acknowledgment, generate reset, none), 2 input types (alarm, failure) – 2 repeater control outputs for input status signaling – 2 input status LED – Integrated RSC® technology: programming, remote management of all functioning parameters – Dual loop isolator Connection to loop – Proprietary high-speed protocol Fire-Speed – Mounting on the surface or DIN rail TFDIN – IP40 – Casing ABS V0 – Dimensions (L x H x D) 112 x 78 x 25mm – White color, EN 54-18: 2005/AC: 2007 – EN 54-17: 2005 – Certifi cation number 1293-CPR-0420


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