Key Tags with labels – Labeled Key Tags in 10 Different Colors

  • Key Tags: Durable, eco-friendly plastic and stainless steel construction for longevity.
  • Smart Design: Features a protective plastic cover, allowing easy paper label removal and replacement.
  • Versatile Use: Perfect for pet names, luggage, keys, offices, hotels, and rental management.
  • Effortless Handling: Lightweight, flexible, and easy-to-write labels for convenient usage.
  • Optimal Dimensions: Label size of 2×0.87×0.12 inches and a 0.7-inch keyring diameter.
  • Pack Inclusion: 50 key label tags in assorted colors for varied identification needs.
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    Key Tags with labels: Elevate your organization and identification needs effortlessly with our high-quality, versatile key tags.

    High-Quality Material: Ensuring Durability

    Crafted from eco-friendly plastic and stainless steel, Dinest Key Tags promise resilience, portability, and wearability. Each tag includes a paper label with a transparent cover, guaranteeing longevity and clear identification.

    Unique Design: Ensuring Reusability

    Our tags feature a smart plastic cover, safeguarding the paper label. Easily detach and replace the slip of paper, enabling effortless reusability for various keys or items. This design ensures convenience and adaptability for changing needs.

    Wide Range of Applications: Versatile Utility

    Unleash versatility with these tags suitable for pet names, luggage, memory sticks, home, office, hotels, rental management, and accommodation facilities. Their multi-purpose design adapts seamlessly to diverse environments.

    Effortless Usage: Simplified Handling

    With easy-to-use functionality, retrieving the paper label, writing, and reinserting it is a breeze. These lightweight tags, easily bendable and small in size, offer unparalleled convenience in usage.

    Label Size and Keyring Diameter: Optimal Dimensions

    Measuring 2×0.87×0.12 inches for the label and a keyring diameter of 0.7 inches, our key tags with labels strike the perfect balance between compactness and visibility. The package includes 50 key label tags in random colors, catering to your varied identification needs.

    Thanks to the user-friendly design, transitioning seamlessly between different keys or items becomes effortless. From personal to professional spaces, they offer unparalleled adaptability.

    These versatile tags are an ideal solution for efficient organization and identification, streamlining your daily tasks with durability, reusability, and effortless functionality. Experience the convenience and adaptability.




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