Manual Call Point | Fire Alarm | Zeta Alarm System

Combined sounder and strobe
Powerful 110dB sounder
Made from tough and durable ABS plastic
Supplied with 9V Battery
25 Units can be cable linked to form a system with greater coverage, using 2 core wire
IP55 Rating
CE Marked
Size (mm) : Height 280, Width 165, Depth 76

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    Unveiling the Manual Call Point: Evacuator Site Master Alarm

    Push Button Activation

    The Manual Call Point presents a choice of push-button activation, featuring a straightforward push-on, twist-off mechanism. This simple process triggers the alarm, which emits an exceptionally loud 110dB sound, ensuring audibility over extensive distances.

    Versatile Linking Capability

    For larger or louder areas, these alarms seamlessly link using a 2-core wire, enabling amplified coverage. With combined sounder and strobe features, the unit ensures both auditory and visual alerts.

    Robust Construction

    Crafted from robust ABS plastic, this call point guarantees durability and longevity in various environments. The inclusion of a powerful 110dB sounder ensures a clear and unmistakable alarm even in challenging settings.

    Convenient Power and Expandable System

    Supplied with a 9V battery for immediate functionality, this call point offers hassle-free installation. Further, up to 25 units can be cable-linked, extending the system’s coverage using 2-core wire.

    Weather-Resistant Design

    With an IP55 rating, this call point is well-protected against dust and low-pressure water jets, ensuring reliability even in harsh conditions.

    Compliance and Compact Design

    CE marking signifies conformity with essential health, safety, and environmental protection standards. The compact size, measuring 280mm (Height) x 165mm (Width) x 76mm (Depth), ensures unobtrusive installation while maintaining robust functionality.

    The Manual Call Point, embodied by the Evacuator Site Master Alarm, offers a versatile and reliable solution. From its accessible push-button activation to its powerful sounder, durable construction, expandable system, weather-resistant design, and compliance with standards, it stands as a comprehensive choice for diverse alarm needs.

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