Manual Call Point | Fire Alarm

  • Pressure-activated displacement element for safe and deliberate activation
  • Integral indicator for easy monitoring of polling and alarm activation status
  • Simple and efficient reset process using a key inserted through the unit’s underside
  • Suitable for indoor use in various environments for reliable performance
  • Monitors quiescent, alarm, and fault conditions for quick response and troubleshooting
  • Addressable via DIP switch with 125 usable address settings per loop for efficient system management
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    Call Point: 6001 Addressable  Manual Call Point

    The 6001 Addressable Manual Call Point is a crucial component of a fire alarm system, incorporating advanced technology to ensure quick and efficient fire alarm activation. This call point features a pressure-activated displacement element, providing a safe and reliable way for building occupants to initiate a fire alarm condition in emergencies.

    Key Features:

    • The pressure-activated displacement element offers a safe user experience by requiring deliberate action for activation.
    • An integral indicator displays polling and alarm activation status for easy monitoring.
    • Resetting the 6001 is simple and efficient, requiring a key inserted through the unit’s underside to return it to the quiescent position.
    • Suitable for indoor use in various environments, ensuring reliable performance in any setting.
    • The 6001 monitors quiescent, alarm, and fault conditions, allowing quick response and troubleshooting.
    • Addressable via DIP switch, providing 125 usable address settings per loop for efficient system management.

    “By choosing the 6001, you’re not just getting an advanced tool for fire safety; you’re getting peace of mind. With its countless features and user-friendly design, this device has been made to ensure the safety of any building. Whether it’s an office, a school, or a hospital, the 6001 is a reliable and essential tool you can count on. With its rapid response, you can be confident that you’ll be prepared in case of an emergency. So why wait? So, take the first step towards ensuring the safety of your building and get your hands on the 6001 today!”

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    660-004, 660-002, 660-001





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