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  • Seamless Integration:
    • Connect Zeta Beam detectors effortlessly with Mini Modules.
    • Enables integration into an addressable loop, supporting up to 16 detectors.
  • Precise Detection:
    • Tailored for Zeta Beam auto-aligning detectors.
    • Ensures accurate and reliable fire detection without false alarms.
  • Scalable Connectivity:
    • Supports connectivity for up to 16 detectors on a single loop.
    • Enhances scalability and coverage in fire detection networks.
  • Efficient Loop Management:
    • Simplifies communication between detectors and the addressable loop.
    • Streamlines system monitoring for swift responses to fire incidents.
  • Optimal Fire Safety:
    • Elevates fire safety infrastructure with seamless Mini Module integration.
    • Reliable, efficient, and scalable for enhanced protection.
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    Enhancing Detection: Zeta Alarm System’s Mini Modules for Beam Detector

    Revolutionize your fire detection capabilities with the Mini Modules Beam Detector explicitly designed for Zeta Alarm System’s auto-aligning beam detectors. This innovative module takes fire safety to the next level by enabling seamless integration with an addressable loop. Moreover, it accommodates up to 16 sensors per loop.

    Key Features:

    1. Seamless Connectivity: The Mini Modules act as a bridge, allowing the integration of Zeta Beam auto-aligning beam detectors into an addressable loop. This feature enhances the overall connectivity and flexibility of your fire detection system.
    2. Addressable Loop Compatibility: Connect up to 16 Zeta Beam detectors to a single addressable loop. This modular approach optimizes the coverage of your fire detection network. Also, while providing a scalable solution tailored to your specific needs.
    3. Auto-Aligning Beam Detector: The Mini Modules are designed for Zeta Beam auto-aligning beam detectors. This cutting-edge technology ensures precise and reliable fire detection. Additionally, it minimizes false alarms and maximizes the efficiency of your fire safety system.
    4. Advanced Fire Detection Technology: Benefit from the advanced capabilities of Zeta’s Beam Detector, which utilizes auto-aligning technology. This ensures the beam is aligned accurately, enhancing the system’s sensitivity and responsiveness.
    5. Enhanced Loop Management: The modules provide efficient loop management, allowing seamless communication between the beam detectors and the addressable loop. This simplifies system monitoring and facilitates quick response in a fire emergency.

    Optimizing Fire Safety: With the Mini Modules for Zeta Beam detectors, you’re investing in components and elevating your fire safety infrastructure. Ensure reliable, efficient, and scalable fire detection with these seamlessly integrated modules designed to meet the demands of modern safety standards.

    Explore the future of fire safety with Zeta Alarm System’s Mini Modules for Beam Detectors – where connectivity meets precision for unparalleled protection.

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