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  • Metal corrosion, being imperceptible, necessitates the use of ultrasonic waves for material thickness measurement, ensuring structural safety.
  • Ultrasonic material thickness gauges are versatile, capable of measuring materials such as steel, iron, plastic resin, and fiberglass.
  • Three return-to-zero modes enhance measurement accuracy.
  • Screen backlighting ensures clear visibility, even in low-light conditions.
  • DL type includes a data memory function, facilitating interoperability with EXCEL for efficient record-keeping.
  • Various probes are available, tailored to different materials. Refer to the catalogue for details.
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    Ensuring Structural Safety with Ultrasonic Thickness Meter MTG6

    Unmeasurable Metal Corrosion: A Call for Ultrasonic Precision

    Metal corrosion, often imperceptible to the eye, poses a potential threat to structural integrity. The MTG6 Ultrasonic Thickness Meter steps in as a crucial tool for ensuring structural safety.

    Versatile Material Thickness Measurement

    This advanced gauge excels in measuring the thickness of diverse materials, including steel, iron, plastic resin, and fiberglass. Its versatility makes it indispensable across various industries.

    Three Return to Zero Modes for Enhanced Accuracy

    The MTG6 offers three return-to-zero modes, enhancing accuracy in measurements. This ensures reliable and consistent results, crucial for precise assessments.

    Illuminating Insights with Screen Backlighting

    Equipped with screen backlighting, this thickness meter provides clear visibility even in low-light conditions. This feature enhances user experience and ensures accurate readings.

    Data Memory Functionality for Efficient Record-Keeping

    The DL type of MTG6 goes beyond standard functionality, offering a data memory function. This feature facilitates seamless interoperability with EXCEL, streamlining data recording and analysis processes.

    Tailored Probes for Diverse Materials

    The MTG6 is designed with adaptability in mind. Various materials demand different approaches, and this meter provides a range of probes to suit specific material characteristics. Refer to the catalogue for a comprehensive overview.

    The Ultrasonic Thickness Meter MTG6 stands as a beacon of precision and reliability, addressing the challenge of unmeasurable metal corrosion. With its versatile applications, return-to-zero modes, screen backlighting, data memory functionality, and tailored probes, it is a valuable asset for industries prioritizing structural safety.




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