Remote Sensor Led | Zeta Remote Led Indicator | Remote Led

There are two models for the remote LED indicator, a wall type MKII-ARL/W and ceiling mounted type MKII-ARL/C. Each unit is equipped with 8 LEDs and mimics the detector LED in alarm condition.

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    The indicators can be hard addressed via 8 way dipswitch OR
    Softly addressed using the MKII handheld programmer
    Each indicator can be programmed for one device or up to 12 devices
    Each indicator will be connected directly on to the detection loop

    Technical Specification:
    Model : MKII-ARL/C
    Part No. : 48-033
    Quiescent Current : 450µA 
    Alarm current : 2.10mA 
    Dimensions (mm) : (W) 85.5 x (H) 85.5 x (Dia) 100 x (D) 40
    IP Rating: IP43
    System Voltage 17 to 28 Vdc 


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