Safe Programmable | Alarm System | Heat Detector

Advanced Detection:

  • Identifies fire hazards in rooms with rapid temperature rise or defined danger levels.

Universal Functionality:

  • Programmable as fixed temperature or fixed/rate-of-rise heat detector.
  • Adaptable detector sensitivity classes per European standard (A1R, A1S, BR, or BS).

Spark-Proof Safety:

  • Intrinsically safe for use in explosion hazard areas.
  • Integrated into Zeta fire alarm systems behind spark-proof separators.

Technical Precision:

  • Voltage: 17 ÷ 24 V, Quiescent current: < 100 μA, Alarm current: 20 mA.
  • IP44 Ingress protection for operational resilience.
  • Sleek black design with compact dimensions (112 x 72 x 55 mm, 0.3kg).
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    Intrinsically Safe Vigilance: Zeta Alarm System’s ZIS-PHD Programmable Heat Detector

    Elevate fire hazard detection with the ZIS-PHD heat detector by Zeta Alarm System. This intrinsically safe device is meticulously designed to identify early phases of fires and adapt to diverse applications.

    Universal Functionality:

    1. Active Detection Precision:

    The ZIS-PHD is tailored to swiftly identify fire hazards in rooms, crafted explicitly for areas where a rapid temperature rise or surpassing a defined danger level is anticipated during the initial phase of a fire.

    2. Customizable Operation:

    The ZIS-PHD offers programmability as a fixed temperature or fixed/rate-of-rise heat detector. Its adaptability extends further to changing detector sensitivity classes to suit specific applications.

    3. European Standard Compliance:

    Aligned with the PN-EN 54-5 European standard, the ZIS-PHD provides the flexibility to choose from detector sensitivity classes such as A1R, A1S, BR, or BS, ensuring conformity to diverse safety requirements.

    Spark-Proof Safety:

    1. Intrinsically Safe Design:

    The ZIS-PHD is a spark-proof detector, making it suitable for use in explosion hazard areas. This safety feature makes it an invaluable component for industries requiring heightened safety protocols.

    2. Integration with Zeta Systems:

    These detectors seamlessly operate within Zeta-manufactured fire alarm system detector lines, positioned behind a dedicated spark-proof separator, ensuring the highest level of safety in volatile environments.

    Technical Precision:

    1. Model Details:
    • Model: ZIS-PHD
    • Part No.: 84-105
    2. Voltage Range:
    • Operating at a voltage range of 17 ÷ 24 V, the ZIS-PHD ensures reliable performance.
    3. Current Consumption:
    • Boasting a quiescent current of < 100 μA and an alarm current of 20 mA at 20 V, it maintains efficiency in power usage.
    4. Ingress Protection:
    • With an IP44 rating, the ZIS-PHD is resilient against ingress, ensuring operational integrity.
    5. Design and Dimensions:
    • Presented in a sleek black color, the ZIS-PHD features compact dimensions of 112 x 72 x 55 mm, with a weight of 0.3kg, facilitating easy integration into various environments.

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