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  • Joint Sealing Expertise: NovaFlex Silicone Sealant excels in sealing various joints in concrete or asphalt pavements, including transverse, expansion, and longitudinal joints.
  • Versatile Adhesion: Adheres seamlessly to asphalt, concrete, and metal surfaces, ensuring a robust seal across diverse substrates.
  • Durable Performance: Built as a non-corrosive, single-component, oxime-cured silicone sealant, NovaFlex endures heavy traffic and environmental stressors.
  • Application Recommendations: For optimal results, avoid painting surfaces or continuous water submersion, and install with a 1/8” recess from traffic for lasting, reliable sealing.
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    NovaFlex Silicone Sealant: Expert Sealing for Demanding Pavements

    Precision Sealing for Varying Joints

    NovaFlex ensures impeccable sealing across a spectrum of joints in concrete or asphalt pavements. With exceptional accuracy, it adeptly seals transverse, expansion, longitudinal, centerline, shoulder joints, and parking deck expansions. Moreover, it is permanently flexible for easier handling and application. Not only does it not shrink or crack, but it also has excellent adhesion to most building substrates, and it is great for interior and exterior sealing.

    Versatile Adhesion, Superior Reliability

    Engineered for adherence to asphalt, concrete, and metal surfaces, NovaFlex provides a robust seal, enhancing durability and reliability across diverse substrates. Additionally, in 10 minutes it is Tack-free and completely cured within 48 hours.

    Application Guidelines for Optimal Results

    Used for the installation of siding, trim, gutters, windows, and doors, as well as window flashing systems. Windows, doors, door sills, head expanders, flaring, cap beading, reglazing broken/defective glass, gutters, nail fins, fiber cement, vinyl siding, and trim coil are generally recommended for sealing.

    Adheres to:

    • Vinyl
    • Wood
    • Ceramics
    • Brick
    • Steel
    • Fiberglass
    • Glass
    • Concrete
    • Masonry
    • Aluminum
    • Stone
    • Building Paper
    • Fiber Cement
    • Single-Ply


    NovaFlex Multi-Purpose Adhesive Sealant is an oxime-cured, general-purpose silicone compound that is non-corrosive. This product has been utilized by window makers and installers for over 20 years because to its exceptional tooling qualities.

    • It creates a mildew-resistant seal.
    • won’t sag or droop
    • Outstanding tooling properties
    • Service temperature range: -40°F to +400°F
    • Application temperature range: -20°F to +160°F
    • It is resistant to dirt pickup.
    • All 50 states require VOC compliance and green building.
    • AAMA Professional quality, approved for window and door installations


    VOC Content:
    NovaFlex Multi-Purpose Adhesive Sealant (Type I, Unfilled) has a typical VOC Content of 32 g/l (3.16%). NovaFlex Multi-Purpose Adhesive Sealant (Type II, Filled) has a specific VOC Content of 27g/l (2.24%). 50 state VOC Compliant (<4%).

    NovaFlex Silicone Sealant is tailored to excel in high-traffic settings, offering precision sealing across various pavements. Its versatile adhesion and unwavering durability make it a trusted choice for challenging environments.


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