Smoke Captured | Tecnofire Detection | Optical Smoke Detector (TFDA-S1)

  • Advanced microprocessor-driven technology for precise smoke detection
  • Automatic gain control feature adjusts sensitivity for varying conditions
  • Three sensitivity levels and excludable LED signaling for customized settings
  • Integrated electrical connection test actuator for maintenance efficiency
  • Remote management capabilities through RSC® technology
  • Dual-loop isolator and Fire-Speed protocol for enhanced safety
  • Easy installation on universal base with durable ABS V0 casing
  • Fully compliant with EN 54-7 and EN 54-17 standards
  • Certified with number 1293-CPR-0424 for reliability and performance.
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    Optical Smoke Detector: Elevating Fire Detection Precision

    Advanced Detection Technology

    Boasting advanced technology, the TFDA-S1 addressable optical smoke detector delivers exceptional detection accuracy. Its microprocessor-driven functionality ensures meticulous analysis of smoke density, guaranteeing the utmost in fire safety. With an automatic gain control feature that dynamically adjusts sensitivity to counter debris buildup, this detector remains highly effective in varying conditions.

    Comprehensive Features

    Incorporating versatile programmable functions such as three sensitivity levels, the detector allows for tailored settings to suit specific requirements. Moreover, the excludable LED signaling for data communication further enhances the device’s adaptability, providing seamless integration into any fire alarm system. Additionally, the integrated electrical connection test actuator streamlines maintenance checks, ensuring consistent operational efficiency.

    Cutting-Edge Technology and Remote Management

    The revolutionary RSC® technology enables remote management of all functioning parameters, empowering users with unparalleled control over the detector. Furthermore, notable features like the dual-loop isolator and the Fire-Speed protocol underscore the device’s commitment to safety, allowing for swift response times and enhanced protection.

    Easy Installation and Compliance

    Crafted for versatility, the TFDA-S1 detector can be easily mounted on the universal base TFBASE01, offering convenience and flexibility during installation. For instance, the IP22-rated ABS V0 casing ensures durability and resilience, while the compact dimensions and 360° signaling LEDs provide clear visibility and signalization. Fully compliant with EN 54-7 and EN 54-17 standards, this detector has undergone rigorous testing and certification, exemplifying its commitment to quality and safety.

    Reliable Fire Safety

    With an assigned certification number of 1293-CPR-0424, users can trust in the reliability and performance of the TFDA-S1 Repeater Panel, making it an indispensable component of any cutting-edge fire detection system. Elevate your fire safety protocols with the TFDA-S1 Repeater Panel, guaranteeing optimal protection and maintenance efficiency with its state-of-the-art features and unmatched reliability.





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