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The ZIS-FLD flame detector is designed for detection and signalisation of a flame ignition in case of a fire hazard. The ZIS-FLD flame detector is intrinsically safe (IS) to be used in explosion hazard areas. It operates in detection lines connected to Zeta fire alarm system control panels with an appropriate spark proof separator.
The ZIS-FLD detector is designed for conventional use.

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    Principles of Operation
    The ZIS-FLD flame detectors react to UV flame radiation with a wavelength of ~200 nm. The detectors are resistant to all sources of artificial light, which do not contain UV radiation. Ultra violet radiation falling on a gasfilled electron tube constituting an active surface of the detector causes, as a result of photoemission phenomenon, an increase of the number of impulses counted by the measuring system. An electronic circuit of the detector transfers an alarm signal to the interoperating fire alarm control panel after counting a set number of impulses. The active surface of the detector is made of quartz glass and its cleanliness should be maintained; touching it with bare hands should be avoided.

    Technical Specification
    Model : ZIS-FLD
    Part No. : 84-110
    Voltage :  17 ÷ 24 V
    Max. quiescent current : 100 μA
    Alarm current at 20 V DC : 20 mA
    Detection distance : 17m max. (2nd class of sensitivity)
    View angle:  120o
    Wave detected : UV
    Operation temperature range from : -25 oC up to +55 oC
    Relative humidity:  up to 95 % at 40 oC
    Colour : black
    Dimensions : 107 dia. x 60 mm
    Weight : 0.45kg

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