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Key Features:

  • Motorized Head Unit for improved performance.
  • Low-Level Controller strategically placed for optimal functionality.
  • EN54 Part 12 Compliance ensures industry-standard reliability.
  • Compatibility with major fire panels for seamless integration.
  • Very Low Power Consumption, utilizing only 3mA at all times.
  • Vds Approved, attesting to quality and conformity.

Technical Specifications:

  • Supply Voltage: 10 to 30 VDC for flexible power options.
  • Constant Current: Maintains 3.5mA in all operational states.
  • Temperature and Humidity Resilience: -10°C to +55°C, 10-95% RH non-condensing.
  • Protection Index: Achieves IP65 when suitably mounted and terminated.
  • Optical Wavelength: Operates at 870mm for precise detection.
  • Maximum Angular Alignment: ±5° for accuracy.
  • Protection Range: Covers 7 to 70 meters for diverse spatial requirements.
  • Adjustable Alarm Sensitivity Levels and Conditions for customized settings.
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    Revolutionizing Beam Detection: The Zeta Alarm System Smoke Detector with Motorized Beam Technology

    In a leap forward from outdated beam detection technology, Zeta Alarm Systems introduces a motorized beam solution, revolutionizing the reliability and cost-effectiveness of protecting vast open areas.


    1. Motorized Head Unit:
    • Overcoming the limitations of traditional beam detectors, the motorized head unit ensures enhanced performance.
    2. Low-Level Controller Unit:
    • Strategically mounted at a low level for optimal functionality and accessibility.
    3. EN54 Part 12 Compliance:
    • Designed to comply with the stringent standards of EN54 Part 12, ensuring reliability and adherence to industry regulations.
    4. Compatibility:
    • Seamlessly integrates with most major fire panels, providing a versatile, comprehensive fire detection solution.
    5. Very Low Power Consumption:
    • Utilizing a mere 3mA at all times, the system prioritizes efficiency without compromising effectiveness.
    6. Vds Approved:
    • Vds approval attests to the system’s quality and conformity to industry standards.

    Technical Specification:

    1. Supply Voltage:
    • Operates within the range of 10 to 30 VDC for flexible power options.
    2. Constant Current:
    • Maintains a constant current of 3.5mA in all operational states, ensuring consistent performance.
    3. Temperature and Humidity Resilience:
    • Withstands temperatures from -10 °C to +55°C and humidity ranging from 10% to 95% RH non-condensing.
    4. Protection Index:
    • Achieves an IP65 rating when suitably mounted and terminated, ensuring robust protection.
    5. Optical Wavelength:
    • Operates at an optical wavelength of 870mm for precise detection.
    6. Maximum Angular Alignment and Misalignment:
    • Offers ±5° maximum angular alignment and addresses static misalignment challenges with precision.
    7. Protection Range:
    • Covers a wide protection range of 7 to 70 meters, catering to diverse spatial requirements.
    8. Alarm Sensitivity Levels:
    • Adjustable sensitivity levels from 25%(1.25dB) to 50%(3dB) in 1%(0.05dB) increments, providing customizable alarm settings.
    9. Alarm Condition:
    • Initiates an alarm condition when obscuration drops below the pre-defined sensitivity level, with adjustable time settings ranging from 2 to 30 seconds.

    Zeta Alarm System’s Smoke Detector with Motorized Beam Technology is a groundbreaking solution, setting new standards for beam detection reliability and efficiency. Embrace cutting-edge technology for comprehensive fire protection in large open areas.

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