Smoke Detector | Tecnofire Detection | Fire Alarm

  • Components: Controller, Receiver-Transmitter, Reflection Panel
  • Remote Installation: The controller can be installed remotely
  • Simplified Connection: Uses only 2 wires for controller-receiver-transmitter link
  • Expandable Coverage: Option to add a second receiver-transmitter for a larger detection area
  • Customizable Outputs: Independent settings, alarms, and failure outputs for each pair
  • Adjustable Sensitivity: Range from 50 to 100 meters
  • Integrated Features: Automated laser pointer, dynamic sensitivity compensation, automatic misalignment compensation
  • Robust Build: Vibration tolerance, high immunity to false alarms
  • Certified Standards: FM, UL, VDS, NF, CPR, EN 54-12 compliance; Certification number 0832-CPR-F0390
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    Cutting-Edge Smoke Detector: Tecnofire Detection System

    • Comprehensive System Configuration

    The Tecnofire Smoke Detector system is a holistic solution comprising a controller wired to a receiver-transmitter and a reflection panel. This setup ensures an encompassing detection capability, offering advanced coverage in diverse environments.

    • Remote Installation Capability

    Elevate convenience and adaptability with the remote installation capability of the controller. This feature allows flexible placement, ensuring optimal positioning for effective smoke detection.

    • Efficient Two-Wire Electrical Connection

    Simplify installation procedures with a streamlined electrical connection between the controller and the receiver transmitter. The use of only 2 wires optimizes setup efficiency without compromising system functionality.

    • Expandable Detection Area

    Enhance coverage by connecting a second receiver transmitter to double the detection area. This scalable option allows for broader coverage tailored to specific environmental requirements.

    • Customizable Settings and Outputs

    Enjoy independent functional settings and dedicated alarm and failure outputs for each pair. The programmable sensitivity offers tailored detection parameters, ensuring accurate and reliable performance.

    • Advanced Features for Optimal Functionality

    Benefit from integrated features such as an automated laser pointer, dynamic sensitivity compensation for dust deposits, and automatic misalignment compensation due to structural sinking. These elements ensure superior functionality and reliability in diverse conditions.

    • Robust Design for Reliable Performance

    The Tecnofire Detection system boasts remarkable vibration tolerance and high immunity to false alarms. Its robust design ensures consistent and dependable performance in challenging environments.

    • Stringent Certifications for Quality Assurance

    Rest assured with certifications including FM, UL, VDS, NF, CPR, EN 54-12, and certification number 0832-CPR-F0390. These certifications validate the system’s compliance with stringent quality and safety standards.

    The Tecnofire Detection system offers a comprehensive solution for advanced smoke detection. Its flexible configuration, remote installation capability, and expandable detection area make it adaptable to various environments. With customizable settings, advanced features, and robust design, this system ensures reliable and efficient smoke detection with the backing of stringent certifications for quality assurance.

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