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  • Smart Design: Integrates smoothly into fire detection systems for hassle-free safety.
  • Compatibility: Works perfectly with ZIS-FLD intrinsically safe detectors for a complete safety setup.
  • Simple Connection: Four terminals for easy setup, including “Minus” and “Plus” detection lines.
  • Enhanced Security: Robust design with screws prevents unauthorized detector removal, ensuring system reliability.
  • Neat Installations: Two cable glands for tidy setups, providing a clean appearance.
  • Technical Precision: Meets strict specifications with a max cable diameter of 2mm and 140mm spacing between holes.

The ZIS-33 Detector Base makes safety straightforward, connecting seamlessly to protect without complications.

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    Seamless Integration for Superior Fire Detection: ZIS-33 Smoke and Flame Detector Base

    Innovative Design Enhancing Connectivity The ZIS-33 base is a sophisticated component crafted for optimal compatibility. Designed to facilitate the seamless integration of the flame detector into advanced fire detection and alarm systems. Additionally, it is a versatile solution, primarily when used with ZIS-FLD intrinsically safe sensors.

    Strategic Terminal Configuration for Convenience Boasting four crucial terminals, the ZIS-33 base ensures effortless connectivity:

    • Terminal (1): “Minus” detection line
    • Terminals (3 and 3′): Input and output “plus” detection line, serving the dual purpose of ensuring line continuity and controlling detector removal
    • Terminal (2): Dedicated connection point for MKII-RL/W or MKII-RL/C remote LED indicators

    Enhanced Security Measures for Reliability Reinforced with a robust ring secured by three screws, the ZIS-33 base prioritizes security. Moreover, this feature acts as a safeguard, preventing unauthorized removal of detectors without using specialized tools and ensuring the system’s integrity.

    Efficient Cable Management for Neat Installations The ZIS-33 base is designed with practicality in mind. For Instance features two dedicated cable glands for streamlined cable management, which is particularly beneficial for ceiling installations. Furthermore, it accommodates intrinsically safe detectors; it aligns with safety standards across diverse environments.

    Technical Specifications for Precision

    • Model: ZIS-33
    • Part No.: 84-115
    • Maximum diameter of installation cable wires: 2mm
    • Spacing between installation holes: 140mm
    • Dimensions: Ø118 x 47mm

    The ZIS-33 Flame and Smoke Detector Base is a testament to Zeta Alarm System’s unwavering commitment to innovation, providing a reliable, secure, and technologically advanced solution for fire detection across various settings.

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