Steel Structure Analyzer | Magnetic Particle Testing | NOVOTEST

  • Cutting-edge technology for scrutinizing surface layers of ferromagnetic materials
  • Ensures integrity and enhances overall product quality
  • Effective presorting of steel grades for streamlined processes
  • Transforms into a Steel Structure Analyzer for insights into mechanical properties and hardness
  • Enables correlation testing for a comprehensive understanding of material characteristics
  • Pioneering precision for enhanced quality control and reliability in material inspection.
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    NOVOTEST Magnetic Particle Testing: Unveiling Precision in Material Inspection

    Cutting-edge testing for Ferromagnetic Materials

    NOVOTEST Magnetic Particle Testing stands at the forefront of cutting-edge technology for scrutinizing the surface layers of ferromagnetic materials. This advanced device introduces a new dimension to material inspection, ensuring accuracy and reliability in identifying potential flaws or irregularities.

    Surface Layer Assessment for Enhanced Quality

    The device’s primary function is to examine and evaluate the surface layers of ferromagnetic materials meticulously. Doing so not only ensures the integrity of the material but also contributes to the enhancement of overall product quality. The device becomes indispensable in maintaining stringent quality standards across various industries.

    Presorting Steel Grades for Precision

    One of the standout features of NOVOTEST Magnetic Particle Testing is its ability to presort steel grades effectively. This capability allows industries dealing with steel to streamline their processes by precisely categorizing steel grades. The result is improved efficiency and accuracy in selecting suitable materials for specific applications.

    Steel Structure Analyzer: Unlocking Mechanical Insights

    Beyond surface inspection, the device transforms into a Steel Structure Analyzer, offering valuable insights into metals’ mechanical properties and hardness. This multifunctional aspect elevates its utility, providing a comprehensive understanding of the material’s structural composition and durability.

    Correlation Testing for Unprecedented Assurance

    In a groundbreaking approach, NOVOTEST Magnetic Particle Testing goes a step further by enabling correlation testing. This entails examining correlations between parameters such as mechanical properties, hardness, and ferromagnetic qualities. This thorough analysis contributes a more holistic understanding of the material’s characteristics.


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