Tecnofire Detection | Air Sampling unit | ABS pipes

  • Designed for ABS pipes with 1 channel and 1 zone configuration
  • Accommodates pipes up to 50 meters in length, covering areas up to 500 square meters
  • Utilizes advanced detection technology including laser chamber and ultrasonic flow sensing
  • Dual-stage air filtration system ensures clean air sampling
  • Wide sensitivity range from 0.025% to 20% obs/m for early detection
  • Self-diagnosis function with programmable thresholds for continuous monitoring
  • Three programmable relay outputs, status LED, and RS232 port for versatile connectivity
  • Compliant with VDS, LPCB, CPD, EN 54-20, UL, ULC, and FM standards for certified reliability and performance.
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    Air Sampling Unit TFUCA-07 by Tecnofire Detection: Safeguarding with Precision & Ideal for ABS Pipes

    Efficient Air Sampling

    Engineered specifically for ABS pipes, the TFUCA-07 air sampling unit ensures optimal detection efficiency with its single-channel, single-zone configuration. This setup guarantees precise air sampling, enhancing the overall reliability of your fire detection system.

    Maximum Pipe Length and Coverage

    With the capability to accommodate ABS pipes of up to 50 meters in length, this unit offers extensive coverage, effectively safeguarding areas of up to 500 square meters. Whether in large commercial spaces or industrial settings, the TFUCA-07 provides comprehensive protection against fire hazards.

    Advanced Detection Technology

    Employing cutting-edge technology, including a laser detection chamber and ultrasonic flow sensing, the TFUCA-07 delivers unparalleled accuracy in detecting potential fire threats. Its innovative design ensures swift and reliable identification of smoke particles, allowing for prompt action to mitigate risks.

    Dual-Stage Air Filtration

    Equipped with a dual-stage air filtration system, this unit ensures the purity of air samples collected for analysis. By effectively removing impurities and contaminants, it maintains the integrity of the detection process, minimizing false alarms and maximizing detection accuracy.

    Wide Sensitivity Range

    Featuring a broad sensitivity range from 0.025% to 20% obs/m, the TFUCA-07 can detect even the slightest changes in air composition. This exceptional sensitivity enables early detection of fire incidents, enabling swift response measures to prevent potential damage and ensure occupant safety.

    Comprehensive Monitoring and Diagnostics

    Incorporating a self-diagnosis function with programmable thresholds, the TFUCA-07 continuously monitors its own performance and operational parameters. This proactive approach to system maintenance enhances reliability and minimizes downtime, ensuring continuous protection against fire hazards.

    Versatile Outputs and Connectivity

    With three programmable relay outputs, a status LED indicator, and an RS232 port, the TFUCA-07 offers versatile connectivity options for seamless integration into existing fire detection systems. This flexibility allows for customized configurations to suit specific application requirements, enhancing overall system functionality.

    Certified Reliability

    Compliant with stringent standards including VDS, LPCB, CPD, EN 54-20, UL, ULC, and FM, the TFUCA-07 guarantees reliable performance and adherence to industry regulations. Its certification underscores its proven track record of reliability and effectiveness in fire detection applications.

    Protect your property and people with the TFUCA-07 Air Sampling Unit by Tecnofire Detection. It’s a reliable and robust system that offers advanced fire detection capabilities. Install it now for unparalleled safety and security against fire hazards.

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